Over the years we’ve been lucky to have different organisations such as the Avon Organics Group and the Immediate Media Co. take care of selected flower beds. The Bearpit Improvement Group has waited to take on the Green workstream til the works were completed. This year we can finally say we won funding from Grow Wild to create the People’s Garden, made up of an amazing array of native British flowers to support biodiversity and attract birds, butterflies & bees. We aim to use the garden to develop and build a stronger community between the work the Bearpit Improvement Group do with the general public. By forging ties with the community to create the garden, converting the land into something beautiful it has the potential to reduce neighbourhood crime and antisocial behaviour, giving everyone a sense of ownership and pride. We will also be partnering up with Incredible Edible to create an edible garden.


8091074817_6a48f3456d_bWe are looking for someone to help us manage the Greening in the Bearpit, if you are interested of volunteering a few hours a week please email