Do you support the Bearpit Improvement Group and would you like to join us? Read on to see what is involved in becoming a Company Member.

The Objectives of the Bearpit Improvement Group

To improve and regenerate the environment of the Bearpit site in Central Bristol for the well-being of the residents and business people of the neighbouring Stokes Croft area, the citizens of Bristol generally, and visitors to Bristol. This to include the provision of public amenities, and the development of opportunities for community development, cultural and artistic activities, commercial activities, play and sport, for all sectors of the community. (That’s an extract from our Articles of Association as a registered Community Interest Company.  To see all the Articles, go to: Articles of Association).

The Rights and Responsibilities of Company Members

If you support those objectives and would like to become more closely involved, you could consider becoming a Member of the company. If you became a Member you would:

  • Be able, and indeed encouraged, to attend and vote at General Meetings;
  • Receive the Annual Accounts of the company;
  • Elect Directors of the company, and be eligible to stand as a Director;
  • Propose and/or vote on any resolutions put to a General Meeting;
  • Be liable to pay up to £1 if the company is wound up, though no more than that (even if the company has been negligent, or is being sued). That £1, if needed, goes towards the debts and liabilities of the company, and the costs of winding up.

How to become a Member

If you wish to become a Member, you need to apply by email to Sue Miller [email protected] giving your full name and your home postcode, and broadly indicating, for our information, why you would like to join the Bearpit Improvement Group. Please send us a couple of paragraphs indicating why you would like to join and what you think you could offer the group. That information will be kept on the register, though not on the website, to protect your privacy. There is no fee payable for membership. The Directors will consider your application, and inform you within 28 days of their decision. Only individuals may apply – not organisations or companies. The only applications that are likely to be unacceptable are those from current Members or senior officers of the City Council – we work closely and in a productive partnership with the Council, but as they are the landowners, there would be a conflict of interest if they were to become Members of the company. The Directors also have the power to expel Members who act against the interests of the company.

What happens if you become a Member

If you were to become a Member of the Bearpit Improvement Group, you will be given a ‘share certificate’. That certificate has no monetary value, nor any rights to any profits, but reminds you of your rights and responsibilities to the company. You will be informed by email of General Meetings (which will generally be held once a year) and of the issue of our Annual Accounts. The company would hope and trust that you will actively engage with the company by attending the General Meetings. If you die, or otherwise lose interest in the company, we hope you will tell us, and we will remove your name from the register; that is important to us, as our Articles specify that the quorum at our General Meetings is 10% of the membership – it would therefore be a problem to have a long list of Members who are not able to support us. Note that you will continue to have the liability of £1 towards the winding-up and debts of the company for 12 months after being removed from the register.

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