Bearpit Banquet


After a year of planning, Bearpit Social’s vision of  a banquet in the Bearpit comes to fruition! A big thank you to Bristol Biennial for believing in the vision and using it as an opportunity to launch their festival!

This event has been organized by an all women team (who we are super proud of), an amazing collaboration between Bristol Biennal, 91 Ways Peace Café and Saffron Records alongside Bearpit Social and Bear Fruit. We hope this will be an extraordinary event which we will host yearly.

Here are the details:

Friday 2 September, 6-9pm (Dinner sittings: 6pm & 7.30pm)

The Bearpit, St James Barton Roundabout, BS1 3LY
£5 – book tickets here

How can conflict become conversation?
Gather in one of Bristol’s most contested public spaces for a night of celebration and dialogue. Bearpit Banquet will combine delicious home-cooked food from around the world, live music from talented local performers and the launch of an international art festival. Bring your neighbours, meet some strangers, create a new community together.

Community Partners
Bearpit Improvement Group is a Community Interest Company led by local stakeholders, aiming to transform the Bearpit into a space that is welcoming, safe, diverse and inclusive.
Saffron Records is Bristol’s first female youth record label, on a mission to empower and change the way women are perceived within the music industry.
91 Ways Peace Café is a ground-breaking pop up (the first of its kind in Bristol) dedicated to bringing together the city’s 91 language communities via food in order to create a better, more united, Bristol.

Book your place
Sittings for dinner will happen at 6pm and 7.30pm, with welcome speeches at 7pm. Book online to reserve your seat at the table, and help us ensure we can feed everybody, including those who cannot afford to pay.


Produced in partnership with Bearpit Improvement Group
Supported by Bristol City Council Neighbourhood Partnership Fund
Supported by Big Lottery Fund: Awards for All
Part-inspired by Lunch, with Feeling by A-Peg, part of Art in Bearpit 2015, produced by Hand in Glove

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